Today, I give you a version of "Smoke City" by Sasse, which he recorded under the pseudonym of 'Freestyle Man vs. Morris Brown.' The Smoke City EP is one of those that inexplicably shows up in lots of used record bins-- it is quite a mellow piece of deep house that brings Moodymann and quite a number of others to mind. With deep kicks, hypnotic backing and vocal loops, and a left-field bass-line, it is a wonder that this track isn't used in a lot of slower, more deep-jacking sets. With hi-frequency, bell-like synths hovering throughout in the background, the track is perfect for lighting up a fatty but has enough forward momentum to keep it from being a snooze. Quite something-- if you ever see it in a used bin (and for some odd reason, you inevitably will), pick it up immediately!

Freestyle Man vs. Morris Brown- Smoke City (That Vocal Thing)

Tomorrow, think I might give you something by Derrick Carter-- he's jacking it tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I'm going!

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