hold on baby

So, with school and all the craziness of living in San Francisco, along with writing my effing brains out all the time, I've decided that I'll only be updating the blog from Thursday- Monday. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are too crazy. Five posts a week, guaranteed, from now on!

All right, today I have a 2006 joint from Michoacan, originally released on Bear Entertainment, a label well-known for their fantastic disco and proto-house releases. "Hold on Baby, We'll Make It" is a 123-bpm proto-house tune, with heavy kicks, a resounding mid-frequency bass-line, whistles, hi-frequency washes, and some truly elegant strings. Spacy synths that come halfway through are excellent, and the secondary percussive elements are also a treasure. While I'd love to hear a disco diva wailing over this excellent instrumental track, it stands alone as a lovely bit of beardo-disco. Certainly hasn't gotten enough love from fans, so get to it and get down.

Michoacan- Hold on Baby, We'll Make It

Tomorrow, something real-- for real.

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