Today, a departure from the gayness and the house for something a bit leftfield from One of Them, one of the newest signings to Chris Fortier's Fade Records imprint.

"Contagious Error" is one of those rare minimal techno gems that pays a weird sort of homage to industrial noise music along with that genre of yesteryear, IDM: the percussive elements of "Contagious Error" sound like the rusted machineries of old factories set into hypnotic motion again, with a disarmingly low bass rumble, deep kicks, hi-frequency blips, a subtly gorgeous melodic line, and secondary synth elements that emerge from the roar quite slowly. The track has a similar aesthetic to last year's excellent Tupperwear record on Klitekture, as it seems that One of Them has an abiding love for the noisier, more rough-hewn edges of techno music. Quite beguiling stuff-- definitely recommended for any into IDM, rough techno or noise music.

One of Them- Contagious Error (Original Mix)

Tomorrow, a return to form with a smooth house jam.

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