love your brother

I've been listening to a lot of slower, smoother house tracks as of recent, and one of the constants on the iPod has been the Abacus dub of "Love Your Brother" by King Sunshine. This 120-bpm track utilizes the lush synths associated with Abacus, an array of mid-level synth harmonies, excellently programmed drum patterns, and an old-school bass-line that takes one back to early 90s New York house a la Utopia Project. A summer winner!

King Sunshine- Love Your Brother (Abacus RE.Think Dub)

Tomorrow, that Sasse track I've been promising!


Steve said...

Something's wrong with the link, which sucks 'cuz you sold this well!

trees said...

works now! sorry, YSI has been effing it up quite a bit recently.

andy said...

Thanks for the glowing review of our track. Please do not offer it up for free download on your site.


Andy Roberts
Mixed Signals Music