azz klapz

So, two posts today, separated for your pleasure!

First of all, you should check out this great video of my pals Teengirl Fantasy playing at Death by Audio in Brooklyn last week.

Then, you should download the track performed above from this blog. However, since the Britisher there doesn't really talk about the substance of the music (besides making a totally bizarre comparison to Lindstrom), I'll say a few words. "Customize It" (alternately called "Azz Klapz," for those who want to be in the know) mixes the best of Baltimore club-style sampling, funky bass synth-lines, and nice crisp drum patterns; then, it explodes into a full-fledged 90s Euro-house track that is undoubtedly influenced by Robin S.'s "Show Me Love," along with a multitude of other classics. I especially love the lush synths that take over the track for part of its final minute. Totally awesome stuff, it is nice to know that these boys are getting so many props-- they deserve it to the utmost!

A bit later today: though I know I posted a track from Abacus recently, I have a remix of his that is just too smooth and lovely to not share.

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palace_heights said...

Actually, I think the description "lean dance rapture that's as limber Lindstrom as it is Foucault dizzy-reeling on a gilded Balearic isle, pumped and bruised, utterly danced" was absolutely about the substance of the music being both an accurate and highly descriptive and understandable analogy.

Don't you think?