aw shucks

Before anything else, it is absolutely necessary that you see Hercules & Love Affair play live (if you can), as it's probably the best show I've seen and heard anytime in the past year.

Which gets to my next point: "Let No Man Put Asunder," the classic 1983 track by First Choice, has been popping up all over the place recently. After Hercules this past weekend, Honey Soundsystem DJ Pee Play played a nice, thumping edit of it, which got me to thinking about the infamous Ron Hardy and his edit of the track. With its excellent looping, jacking of the low frequencies, and sensuousness, it might be one of the best things that Hardy ever committed to tape during his lifetime. Re-released last year as "Baby, Baby Baby, Aw Shucks." Definitely worth blasting out of your car windows!

First Choice- Let No Man Put Asunder (Ron Hardy Re-Edit)

Tomorrow, some more ill jams. Also worth mentioning: the "Get Your Mind Thirsty" mix, full of UK acid and serious German minimal techno, is available again here.

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Count Drugula said...

Ha! Tell me about it, prompting my snagging of the LP for $4. Unfortunately, Dope Jams is selling the Ron Hardy edit for $16....