long ways

Can't give you that Sasse track today, as I'm having bizarre issues with surface noise when I try to digitize vinyl. Tinkering a bit, should have something from him up by the end of the week.

It's hard not to mention that I've also been wanting to give you something from Lindstrom's upcoming album, and last night reminded me of why-- I was driving with a friend along the darkened bay, picking up a member of Teengirl Fantasy from the airport, and the last track of Lindstrom's latest came on my iPod. Needless to say, it was perfect timing, and we both revelled in it.

Possibly one of the most perfect tracks I've heard all year, "The Long Way Home" is everything from dreamy disco to Jan Hammer- esque electronic pop, from intensely-syncopated LSD semi-squelch to Cerrone-like synth bombast. Quite an astounding piece of work, and definitely one of my top five jams of the summer!

Lindstrom- The Long Way Home

Tomorrow, thinking something fantastical.

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