floating world

(photo by F.D. Rahman)

So, despite all of my house and disco leanings of the past couple of weeks, I've also spent a large amount of time listening to the minimal, dubby techno found on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction label. Among the various artists with releases on the label, the Grecian Fluxion is probably my favorite. With tracks that range from more straightforward dub techno to dreamy ambient soundscapes (and everything in between), Fluxion is truly an artist who needs more recognition, particularly given the current penchant for releases on the Modern Love imprint. "Multidirectional I" has a heavy kick and writhing bass that provides forward movement against mid-level, delayed organ synths and hi-frequency, highly-nuanced washes. Weird descending lines, very low in the mix, provide a hallucinatory quality to the whole track that is quite something. Off of one of my most-listened to albums during the past year, Bipolar Defect. Highly recommended!

Fluxion- Multidirectional I

Tomorrow, some deep stuff from Sasse.

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