fire it up

Today, a special treat. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted that amazing video of Lee "Scratch" Perry working on his new album with Andrew W.K.? I got an advance copy, and it actually is a pretty damn good record-- party-ready, perversely sexual, and still keeping some of the vibe that has made Lee Perry one of the most celebrated performers of our times.

"Fire" is the second track on Repentance, and it begins with awesome ascending horn synths and piano trills, then launches full into a moaning, fiery dub track that becomes more and more hallucinatory as it moves along. A mind-melting, shambling dub if there ever was one, it is a great thing that Lee is back in the game and knows how to burn it up despite his new non-smoking policy.

Lee "Scratch" Perry- Fire

Tomorrow, some new tech-house from across the pond.


MDH said...

Where can I watch the video.

BreadCity said...

Yo Ted, it's Jake. Thanks for the Lesbian Mom Knife Fight shout-out! Do you have Cloak and Dagger? It is one of my favorite reggae/dub albums.

trees said...

i totally love Cloak and Dagger! So awesome.