in a station of the metro

Sorry for the weekend absence-- after seeing Dam Funk and Morgan Geist both spin great sets on Friday night, I spent all day Saturday barbecuing and then proceeding to this crazy all-night disco party. Really quite a weekend. Love watching the sun come up!

Today, a new techno track that got its hooks around me from the first time I heard it. Parisian producer David K. brings some heady minimal our way with "Rue Montmartre," his second contribution to Guy Gerber's Supplement Facts label. DJs are raving about the track all over, and it is easy to see way-- the major synth-lines are lushly melodic and rather low in the mix, the percussion patterns are reminiscent of Adam Beyer's excellent recent work, and use of hi-frequency washes is among the most effective I have heard. It reminds one of speeding along in a train, perhaps of Robert Babicz's work, and at times contains hints of BC-style filters. A truly atmospheric techno winner, highly recommended!!

David K.- Rue Montmartre

Tomorrow, thinking about highly illegal things.


Eric said...

Absolutely love this track. Perfect atmospherics. I read your blog on an almost daily basis. If you're ever looking for new contributors, please get in touch, I have lots of tracks to share. Cheers!


trees said...

hey eric,
i need to do a bit more research, but there are plans in the works for making deep movements more of a 'real' site, with multiple contributors, more reviews, interviews, and so on. should be happening sometime within the next year, perhaps in phases. send me an e-mail and i'll keep in touch with you about these developments.

t rees