young summer

If you're embroiled in the current house and techno scenes, then it is quite likely that you've heard of The Youngsters. I'd never paid much attention to them because they always seemed a bit too electro for my tastes, but after being given their newest EP to review, I realized that I might have been wrong all of these years. The Phoenix EP, on Ovum, is a nice slice of summery goodness-- the title track is a hip-shaking tech-house number that utilizes hi-frequency, spacey keys and female vocals to create an Ibizan early-morning atmosphere. In some ways a throwback to progressive synth sounds of yesteryear, the track is nonetheless incredibly satisfying, with deep kicks and hand-claps propelling it into the listener's ear. Sometimes reminding me of Lindstrom, oddly enough, I highly recommend kicking back to this track with a cool beverage. Aaah.

The Youngsters- Phoenix

Tomorrow, an old-school house track that I've been jamming on.

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