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Today I asked Lindstrom whether he ever listened to Jan Hammer, and he assured me that he knew his stuff from Miami Vice. But hell, I thought, a lot of people don't know Jan Hammer from anyone, so I should post some Jan Hammer. (No Moroder-style disco today, oops).

"Knight Rider 2000" from the 1994 album, Drive, was originally the theme to a 1991 pilot episode of a new Knight Rider series that never sold to the networks. Alas, David Hasselhoff was too busy with that Baywatch thing by then, I think.

Anyway, it is a great, much-sampled track that will certainly worm its way into you-- trust!

Jan Hammer- Knight Rider 2000

Let's get down tomorrow.


The Double K said...

The link is broken: "THE PAGE YOU REQUESTED CANNOT BE FOUND" message at YSI.

trees said...

should be working now! sorry.

The Double K said...

Cheers - not what I was expecting at all! Nice tune though.

MDH said...

You talked to Lindstrom?