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I've revised today's track offering-- instead of giving you a Blake Baxter track from H-Factor, I'm going to give you an alternate version of Baxter's most recent collaboration with Marc Romboy. "Fly Away" is the first single from Romboy's new album Contrast (available for download at Hypnotic Breaks), and it is most certainly the best track on the record. The original of "Fly Away" is a typical Romboy production: catchy, punchy chords slowly ascend until they are at a fever pitch, with dry hi-hats and secondary, trancey synths backing the main line up. Baxter lends an uplifting vocal that espouses Detroit-style techno liberation theology, and it is his vocal line that truly separates this Romboy track from his typical, ever-expanding list of releases. The alternate version of "Fly Away," on the other hand, is almost difficult to recognize as a Romboy track-- its sound is more jacking and more jungle-like, with obvious nods to the work of the Belleville Three and Baxter's own techno productions. Baxter's vocals are essentially stripped out of the track, so that the only vocal element is a loop of a pitched-down Baxter intoning, 'fly away.' Along with these differences, the alternate version's kicks are deeper and its synthesized string drone is more omnipresent. A real treat to get an alternate version before the album is released, here it is for your listening pleasure.

Marc Romboy VS. Blake Baxter- Fly Away Version 2

Tomorrow, an Italo classic. Hells yeah.

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