sunday mixer volume five

Be sure you're alive-- if the mix I'm giving you today doesn't make you want to slamdance in some abandoned factory in Berlin, then you might not actually be alive. So listen, just to be certain. DJ Rush will do you good with some dark and filthy hi-bpm techno, promise.

1 DJ Rush- Hydraulies (4:58)
2 Ian Pooley- Loopduelle 1 (4:07)
3 Welt In Scherben- Welt In Scherben I-1 (4:34)
4 S.R.I.-Songs To Remember (3:53)
5 A2L-Tripman (RMX.AGE) (4:41)
6 S.R.I.- Black Out (3:51)
7 Strass- Strass 2 (4:31)
8 Filter- Rechteck / S├Ągezahn (6:05)
9 Strass- Alles Ist Gut (3:58)
10 Welt In Scherben- Welt In Scherben II-1 (3:44)
11 Null-Notzucht (5:16)
12 Age- Technik (5:05)
13 DJ Rush- Seasons (4:26)

DJ Rush- Rauschen 14

Next up, a Cassius remix.


Count Drugula said...

Wow, this is way better than I ever would have thought. Not familiar with Rush outside of his being a 'name to know', but this is surprisingly touching stuff.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up as YSI only holds files for a week or so