Though I try to only upload new stuff that is more obscure or not as well-known, there are some instances wherein I feel the need to post something well-known (or well-hyped) simply because it is brilliant, difficult to find, or simply prohibitively expensive. Last time I checked the internet, not a single US store or distributor was carrying the fantastic new EP from Henrik Schwarz and South Africa's Amampondo. With shipping costs and the dollar being worth so little, one would have to spend $23 to get their hands on a copy. So I'm posting a track from it today for your enjoyment.

While the original of "I Exist Because of You" is a genuinely African-sounding, deep and lush house track, Dixon's stripped down edit brings the track to a more club-friendly sound, slowing it a bit, but ratcheting up the kicks and creating absolutely sublime peaks and valleys that will surely cause any dancefloor to erupt in whoops and hollers. Though I wish that Dixon hadn't taken out some of the brassiness of the original, his version emphasizes the track's most important aspects, namely the secondary percussion and the wonderfully prominent marimba. One of the year's best tracks, and certainly worth your money; seriously, buy a copy of this record-- you will not regret it.

Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo- I Exist Because of You (Dixon's Stripped Down Version)

Tomorrow, I'm thinking Blake Baxter.


cz said...

Word, love this record. I blogged about it back on April 21st. I prefer the Henrik Schwarz version to the Dixon remix. I'm not sure if it's a top track of 2008, but I've been bumping it a lot lately.

Rouvanne said...

Hi there - thought I'd just stop in and say Hi. We represent Amampondo here in Cape Town SA, so we're pretty pleased that this track is being enjoyed so much!

The guys are currently on tour with Juno Reactor - who make up quite a mean combination. You can check it out on our blog, or their press kits.

Keep listening to the music! Cheers