true jaguar

Today, a 2000 remix of The Aztec Mystic's "Jaguar" from another Detroit-associated group, Octave One. "Jaguar" is perhaps one of the best-known and most beloved techno tracks of all time, and in terms of its structure and pure energy, it is irreproachable. Octave One take the original and, unlike Derrick May (whose remix is good but not a great departure), truly twist it into a long-running, hypnotizing deep house track that sounds as fresh now as it did eight years ago. The string loops of the original are looped further, the secondary percussion is much more prominent, and the bass-line is brought up in the mix so that one can recognize its pure jazziness. A classic, highly recommended!

The Aztec Mystic- Jaguar (Octave One Mix)

Tomorrow, surprises never cease.

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cz said...

In my opinion any remix or cover is going to fall quite short of the genius that is the original. Like "Can You Feel It" for example it's just one of those tracks that can't be touched!