you're my friend and my lover

If you don't know who Sylvester is, then perhaps it is best that you read about him over here. The original male diva, Sylvester worked quite a bit with producer Patrick Cowley, one of the pioneers of the Hi-NRG disco sound that came out of San Francisco in the mid-to-late 1970s and had spread throughout the dance world by 1980. "I Need You" was his biggest hit at the beginning of the '80s, and so it makes sense that house legend Ron Hardy would remix the track, extending it to an eight-minute long epic of Sylvester and his Cockettes wailing "I Need You" like a mantra. The song is not desperate, but a sincere and soulful expression of love that comes across too rarely in contemporary house music. A classic track that bridges the gap between disco and early house quite nicely-- recommended!

Sylvester- I Need You (Ron Hardy Remix)

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