out of the fountain flows gold

Last night, friends Teengirl Fantasy did a killer opening set (with lots of fantastic newer material) for the always-zany and charismatic Dan Deacon. Though I've seen Deacon a few times, I always forget how incredible his performances are, and last night was no exception. "Wham City" had more energy in it than in any other performance I've heard, and with Salt N Pepa's "Shoop" bookending both sides of his set, you can be sure that everything else in between was also excellent-- whooshing Casio, snappy drum patterns, and an overall sound befitting an acid rave trip while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Today, I give you the first track from Deacon's 2007 album, Spiderman of the Rings, "Wooody Wooodpecker." Enjoy!

Dan Deacon- Wooody Wooodpecker

Tomorrow, I might just take the plunge and give you something fantastically noisy!

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