let's party a little bit

Only recently did I really start digging into Theo Parrish-- his signature EQs had always turned me off, and I didn't really understand why he was creating what he was creating. Well, that's over-- perhaps it's the spring or something, but Parrish is all I want to listen to right now.

"Got A Match" is taken from Ugly Edits Volume 3, one of the best of the series. It is a bouncy, stomping track of truly dirty disco-funk, with insane bass and vocal loops, and a sound that ranges from Idjut Boys-style stoned funk to filthy soul disco a la Major Swellings . Please blast out your ears listening to this track, as it is well worth it.

Theo Parrish- Got A Match

Who knows what tomorrow brings? Maybe some Bohannon?

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matt said...

Once one is submerged in Theo, there is no escape. It's a lovely place to be.