in the cloud forest

Unfortunately, my Croatian friends haven't gotten back to me with a track, but that will happen soon! Spent the afternoon fussing around with some records, and have the start of a great mix, so look forward to that soon, too.

Spring always pushes me toward the brighter Detroit sounds, and this year is no different-- I've been totally digging Vince Watson, Los Hermanos and the UR boys even more than usual. So today, I'm posting a track by Los Hermanos, a group consisting of several key newer members of the UR crew, including Nomadico, whose 2007 EP on UR really turned a lot of heads.

"Quetzal" is based on a lushly squelchy melodic line, a monstrous bass-line, well-sequenced secondary percussion, and glorious soft strings high in the mix. This very well might be one of my favorite techno tracks of all time-- it is truly one of the best productions from Detroit since 2000. Highly recommended!

Los Hermanos- Quetzal

Tomorrow, that Croat techno sound, hopefully?

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