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Today, as promised, a bit of new tech-house courtesy of Kolo, a longtime progressive and trance DJ who has worked extensively with Chris Fortier. Among his more recent releases is the digital EP Outerspace Vault, with tracks that range from Bryan Zentz-style trancey techno to more deep progressive sounds.

"Nova" is one of these later tracks, with excellent percussion sequencing, a dubby melodic line, dry vocal samples, and an atmosphere that somehow reminds me of Leiam Sullivan and James Mowbray's "Tropical Heights" from last summer. Nice hi-frequency wiggling harmonic lines work perfectly with the writhing bass, and it is fair to say that the track's relatively low BPM helps it build in a most pleasing, summery way. On Fortier's Fade Records label.

Kolo- Nova

Tomorrow, a bit of old minimal for a change.

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