the park

A bit of older minimal for you today, featuring the inescapable DJ and the always-lovely DJ Minx. Here, Mr. Villalobos is in fascinating territory, especially if the listener knows the original-- an old-school Detroit techno stomper. Villalobos stretches the track by almost 300%, emphasizes a strange vocal track that harmonizes nicely with the excellent bass-line, and puts in his trademark percussive flourishes and bits of background squelch in for good measure. Villalobos at his most soulful, I think, and certainly one of his better remixes from the first five years of this decade.

DJ Minx- A Walk in the Park (Villalobos 'Til Thursday' Rmx)

Tomorrow, a bit of campy fun with the pre-eminent shit-eating transvestite, Divine.


hgassel said...

funny story: while i was listening to this track i had this website open


over the top an interview with paul smith (the designer) starts playing which i just assumed was part of the villalobos mix. i thought it was hilarious that he put a wank british fashion interview in the last 2 minutes of the mix. I highly recommend trying this!

mrgn said...

fun track, thank you!