Today, a treat from a member of New York's Shinkoyo crew. Severiano Martinez, better known as Seve, has recorded numerous albums, collaborated on countless projects, made horror films, and published a book. A renaissance man if there ever was one, Seve also used to DJ quite a bit under the name of 7eve, and his mixes are totally impeccable and prescient of the mash-up, remix-heavy atmosphere of today's party world.

Back in the day, he remixed a favorite track of mine from the Ghanaian popular genre of highlife. Fitting right in with new tracks like "I Exist Because of You," Seve's remix of "Funky Hi-Life" by C.K. Mann is a treasure of Afro-centric vocal house, with a driving beat, excellent sampling of the original's percussion, and an irresistable lo-fi flair reminiscent of Major Swellings or even Theo Parrish. If this doesn't grab you, I don't think anything can.

C.K. Mann- Funky Hi-Life (7eve Remix)

Tomorrow, some new deep tech-house for your ears' pleasure.


hgassel said...

have and love this mix.
do you have the track listings for the rest? Iv just know this beloved track as 7ev3 - track 5

trees said...

yo, there are no track listings on mine, either-- you got them from ami, too, i guess?

some of them are easy to identify-- 'when the sun goes down' for example, or '(you spin me) round' and etc. track six is bob marley fo sho.