skin toughening

Today, a great new remix by a track from London's Glimpse. "Elephant Skins" is a minimal beast, with incredibly deep kicks and North African horn sounds that would make Ricardo Villalobos blush. Though some others seem to think that Johnny D.'s remix is more minimal, I think they might need to pull the cloth out of their ears-- the Mannheim resident adds sensual vocal loops, more expressive secondary percussion, and keyboard stabs that back his warping of the original's horns with much harmonic intensity. Along with little squelchy acid moments and a nuanced take on the track's kicks, Johnny D.'s remix is a most fantastic take on the original, and I wouldn't be surprised if his version of "Elephant Skins" is played out more. Suitable for dark jungle walks and late-night desert oases.

Glimpse- Elephant Skins (Johnny D. Remix)

Tomorrow, something new from an old friend, the Son of Raw.

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