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(Photo by Jan Kempenaers)

Today, a departure from electronic dance music to shine a spotlight on Arthur Russell once again. Russell is perhaps the most-played artist in my iTunes, and I don't think going into the reasons behind this are worth exploring; in other words, Arthur Russell is beyond reproach in my book, and no amount of hang-wringing is going to change that.

Anyway, today I give you one of his Downtown-associated new music pieces done with composer and collaboratorPeter Zummo. Zummo played trombone and other instruments on nearly all of Russell's records-- even helped a hand in producing some of them-- and "Song IV" shows a bit of the influence that Russell and Zummo had on each other. It is an epic piece featuring tabla, synthesizer, trombone, cello and vocals, and bears quite a resemblance to some tracks on Another Thought and World of Echo, with the featured instruments being the virtually the same as those on "This is How We Walk on the Moon." Besides the obvious beauty of Russell's cello and voice, Zummo's trombone-- occasionally delayed-- is incredibly bright and gives the atmosphere of journeying. The tabla playing is also quite tight and nuanced, with some subtle changes in register throughout the piece's twenty minutes. A great track-- meditative, calming, swaying as tall grasses or the ocean. From the album Zummo with an X on Loris Records.

Peter Zummo- Song IV (for trio) (with Arthur Russell)

Tomorrow, a sick remix of C.K. Mann's "Funky Hi-Life" courtesy of an old friend!

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