don't tell me why

A skip across the pond today, with one of my favorite Italo tracks ever. "Anxiety" by Amin Peck-- who is not one man, as many seem to think-- is some funky, quirky shit. The bass is wet and heavy, the synths are harmonically triumphant, and the vocals are so off-kilter (not off-key) that they're irrepressibly charming. Later in the track, wailing saxophone and analog washes join the mix, leading to a dramatic ending. What is perhaps best about "Anxiety," though, is that it is a perfect spring-summer disco track, with enough lo-fi charm and melodic sweetness to really get it on in the sun.

Amin Peck- Anxiety

Remember last week, when I was going to share a new dOP track and some killer electro courtesy of Fukkk Offf? Well, that's happening tomorrow, so come back and get down.

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