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Sorry about being a day late-- drove for seven hours yesterday, and after that, I needed a bit of 'lazy' time.

As promised, today I bring you the disco-funk of the Universal Robot Band, a project of Leroy Burgess, Gregory Carmichael, and members of Kleer. Their album Freak in the Light of the Moon is a classic of boogie-down disco. "Doing Anything Tonight" is probably the most well-known track from that record, and for good reason-- it has an infectiously funky bass-line, sharp strings, old-school piano rolls, and a brass section that competes with the best of the disco orchestras. Of course, it would be impossible to talk about "Doing Anything Tonight" without mentioning the group vocals, which are possibly some of the best of the disco era-- they not only demand sex, but dancing, alcohol and drugs. I only wish I could have seen this track played at the Paradise Garage or the Loft back in the day, as I'm sure the dancefloor was insane. Here it is:

Universal Robot Band- Doing Anything Tonight

Tomorrow, another rare disco classic.

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