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I cannot apologize enough for my absence of the past few days-- I went on a little jaunt to New York and Philly, and was out of the loop in terms of internet access. Daily posts and extra tracks coming at ya now!

Today, I'm going to commit the cardinal sin of posting something another blog posted a few weeks back; namely, DJ Slugo's remix of Surkin's "And You Too." This might just be the catchiest, sexiest juke track that has arrived recently-- at 150 bpm, the track is nothing out of the ordinary in most ways, but its male vocal samples are deeply sensuous and well-manipulated, the bass-line is a subtly writhing animal, and many of the punctuations are more akin to those found in New Jersey techno and house. Trust me when I write that if you play this out at a party, the floor will catch all sorts of nasty fire.

Surkin- And You Too (DJ Slugo Remix)

Next up is a track that some of you might have heard before if you've been following the escapades of the Hollertronix series. A friend sent me this just the other day, and I immediately fell in love: how can one not love a remix of "Smooth Criminal" that is so elegant, so banging, so infectious? On the seventh installment of the series, "Okay Annie" by the Boogie Down Bottlenose Dolphins (a name that I find charming despite its try-hard nature) is the track to cut out to-- it demands action on the dance-floor, as its choices and arrangments of samples can almost be said to rival Jacko's original. High-octane stuff, and at 136-bpm, it can fit easily into a banging techno set.

Boogie Down Bottlenose Dolphins- Okay Annie

Next post, a very special Booka Shade vs. Corona track, a Kerri Chandler video and track, and maybe more. Once again, I apologize for my days-long absence.

PS-- Thanks to those of you who have been tuning into my radio show at WOBC. Last night I got messages from Hamburg! Going international, ja, gude laune. Anyway, it happens every week from 7-9 PM EST on Tuesdays. Tune in next week!

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Mathew said...

speaking of catching all sorts of nasty fire, my apartment building burned down. Sweet track though.