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Today, a bit of a departure from what I've been posting recently. In 2006, Booka Shade released the acclaimed Movements record, which launched them into the heights of the electro-house scene. "In White Rooms" is most certainly one of the better cuts of the album, but like much of the record's other tracks, its slick production makes it a bit...well, soulless.

Thus, when Stockholm-based Kornel created a remix/mash of "In White Rooms" and Corona's "Rhythm of the Night," it was a bit of a godsend-- an astounding piece of electro-house paired with one of the best eurodance tunes to come out of the nineties. Booka Shade's track became a thing of soul, with its peaks punctuated by Giovanna Bersola's excellently-sampled vocals. Thus, despite the fact that my love for Booka Shade has waned, I believe "White Night" to be one of the nicest hard-to-find electro-house tracks kicking about. It also can destroy early-hours dancefloors, getting people pumped up for more hard-hitting tracks.

Booka Shade & Corona- White Night (Kornel Mix)

Next up, one of the more truly groovy, jazzy tracks that Kerri Chandler has ever produced. "Relax Have Another Spliff" appeared on two compilations in the early 2000's, and it is almost certain that it has been playing in chillout rooms all over since then. With soft synth progressions throughout, saxophone solo bits, and a super-smooth guitar section, the 123-bpm track bridges the gap between chillout/lounge and deep house without the waiting-room atmosphere that so much loungey stuff has going for it. Indeed, the track makes the listener want to relax, have another spliff, and enjoy the day. Another winner from the king of New Jersey house!

Kerri Chandler- Relax Have Another Spliff

Also, here is a recent interview with Mr. Chandler from dayrobber, a pretty fascinating site with lots of video content relating to techno, old and new.

Tomorrow, a truly lush spring mix from the likes of Vince Watson.

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benjimite said...

Thou shalt not speaketh illeth of Booka, cheers for the track tho, tis a goodie