I know that I have been harping on how ill the productions of Jamal Moss and Noleian Reusse are, but I cannot help but post another track from their Mogadishu EP, released under their Africans With Mainframes moniker.

"Mogadishu" alone could justify the AWT name-- no techno track I've ever heard matches it in its incorporation of African musical traditions to technology. Shifting polyrhythmic beats, exacting melodic lines, a plethora of harmonic changes-- if the two were using traditional instruments rather than analog synthesizers and drum machines, "Mogadishu" could fit right in with East African tribal music. That said, the low end is deep, the high end is dry and acidy, and the mids are puncturing-- quite a track from quite a pair of producers. If you've liked any of the stuff I've posted from Hieroglyphic Being in the past, this is right up your alley. Highly recommended!

African With Mainframes- Mogadishu

Next up, a bit from Surkin, the ghetto-electro king of Paris.

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