display of power

As promised, today I'm treating you to a track from Brian Eno and his famous collaboration with Moebius, Roedelius and Plank. I first heard this track about a week ago, and since then, the 138-bpm monster has been blowing me away. Though recorded between 1976 and 1983, "Speed Display" contains elements that are more late 80's Detroit than Berlin or London-- squelchy synth loops, laser-like stabs, heavily processed vocal bits, and hi-frequency whistles punctuate the track. Along with its writhing bass-line and live drums, "Speed Display" is one of the more prescient electronic tracks I have ever heard-- its sound fits right along with stuff by Underground Resistance (especially the early EPs, like Riot) and fellow Detroit producers. Needless to say, the sound is claustrophobic, paranoid and certainly slamming. Highly recommended!

Brian Eno-Moebius-Roedelius-Plank - Speed Display

Unfortunately, my computer seems to have come back to me with more problems than it had before. However, I've backed up my entire music collection, and will continue daily posts using my external hard drive and lab computers. Sucks for me, but good for you! Keep coming back.

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Mathew said...

gonna listen when I get home, in the mean time, check out this teengirl fantasy