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Today starts a three-post series dealing with this record, which is apparently quite rare AND expensive at this point. I got my paws on a copy, so I thought I might as well treat all of you to some great tracks that might otherwise be lost to record-collecting nerds (like myself, I know).

The first track is a remix of a co-production between Chez Damier, J. William and the ubiquitous Ralph Lawson. The Hector Lopez rework of "Thank You" differs from the other two tracks on the 12" because it doesn't necessarily work that well as a stand-alone track; rather, it is an excellent DJ tool for mixing, whether on the decks or the computer.  The 124-bpm track contains well-padded kicks, crisp clean hi-hats, a sample of a record being spun backwards and forwards, and reverby, often-crowded vocal samples that lend the track a hallucinatory air at moments. While I like the track as it stands, I can't get enough of mixing with it-- the sounds are simply great for mixing into vocal house tracks, and its celebratory soul vibe is fantastic for dancing. Originally on venerable Prescription Records out of Chicago.

Chuggles- Thank You (The Hector Lopez Remix)

Tomorrow, look forward to Ron Trent's sublime "Feel the Rhythm"!

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Erik said...

Hey buddy. I've been searching for this tune for awhile now, and when I went to get it, it's expired. Any chance of you sending it directly to me?

Erik Aviance.

Chuggles-Thank You, posted 2/2/08