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After a day off, in which I listened to old house classics non-stop, I'm back with a track that is sure to get you dancing around your room. Byron Stingily was a member of the R & B/house group Ten City that had a number of chart-topping dance hits in the late 1980's. One of these was an amazing track called "That's the Way Love Is," which Stingily later remade and released in 1999 to similar acclaim. Though some fans of Ten City weren't too happy with the more raw sound evident on Stingily's later remake, they are probably insane-- the newer version is just as lush with strings, orchestra hits, smooth-riding bass-lines, well-padded kicks, and Stingily's iconic vocals. What's really something, though, are the remixes on the 12" revision, courtesy of Martin Buttrich's former group, Sounds of Life. They take the original and add a hypnotizing horn loop, place the strings higher in the mix, and eschew the more disco-infused lushness of the original, making for a house track that is more dramatic, funky, emotionally resonant-- and just as danceable as the original. On the esteemed house label, Nervous Records. Check it!

Byron Stingily- That's the Way Love Is (Sounds of Life Vocal Dub)

Next post, a track produced by Chez Damier for the unfortuately-named Chuggles.

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