Today, a bit of an interesting take on Kraftwerk. My friend and compatriot in techno, Leo, ran a video bit from the Kraftwerk site at the same time as the timeless bit of early techno, "Musique Non Stop," and found that the result was quite something. The audio from the video rendered the original track more lush and ethereal, and some would say more ear-pleasing. In my opinion, the result is more akin to Carl Craig's Detroit sound than the original, and that is most certainly a good thing. So, without further ado, here's this new take on the classic track. Hope you enjoy!

Kraftwerk- Musique Non Stop (Leo's Video Crash Mix)

Tomorrow, surprises abound.


Anonymous said...

really love the vibe of this version... thanks for sharing

Mathew said...

Yo Ted, Be Careful!
The BBC is warning techno addicts

Mathew said...

also, this track is killing me. awesome.