gas na na na na

First off, the new schedule at WOBC has been announced, and you can listen to my show, which expands upon what I usually post here, from 7-9 PM EST on Tuesdays. Planning a show with lots of surprises, including much more hip-hop and ghettotech than is found here. So unless you're in Oberlin, OH, stream the show every Tuesday! Guaranteed goodness.

Secondly, but more importantly, today I'm giving you a track by my friends, the boys from Teengirl Fantasy, a group I mentioned a while back. Logan and Nick have quickly ascended to insane heights, not just at Oberlin-- where their group is pretty much considered the best on campus-- but in the broader music world. Not only were they featured on 20 Jazz Funk Greats about a week ago, but the NME have contacted them about being included in an upcoming issue. There's a reason why hype is building around them: they're fucking good. Really good. (And I dare say, they're both handsome devils and wonderful people).

"GasMaskk" is a fast-paced number with excellent synths, perfectly farty little bass notes, soft processed vocals, different samples taken from the Sparks-produced Lio track, "Marie Antoinette," and an uncanny ability to worm itself into the ear and stay there for days. Any specific genre is difficult to pin on them, but it is most certainly fantastic party music, and there are definitely moments that remind me of the more esoteric, good italo-style disco. Well worth seeing live, it's also worth a trip to their Angelfire page, which Harry over at eeshirtay has called the most amazing throwback to late 90s personal webpage design he's ever seen. Quite something!

Thanks to Nick and Logan for allowing me to post this. Check it!

Teengirl Fantasy- GasMaskk

Next up, a surprisingly gorgeous little experiment that my friend did using the Kraftwerk website, a mix, and some more good stuff for your ears.


Rico Swingle said...

Do they have music that can be bought yet? I love both the tracks I have heard so far.

David B. said...

Man, I saw them this Friday when I visited Ohio and I immediately started telling Sasha and Willie and everyone who'd listen that they were going to be internet famous. Those bastard kids.