into the nature

To release consistently good records for more that fifteen years is quite a feat, and Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker of Hardfloor have managed this achievement nicely. The acid squelch that these two have put out differs much from much US acid-house in that there are often layers of lush synths behind the dry kicks and wailing 303's that are the hallmarks of the sound. Though one cannot deny that some of their tracks are a bit samey, for the most part, these two are always expanding the acid sound into interesting territory. Below are two of my favorite Hardfloor tracks, taken from the TB Resuscitation double-12" that was put out by techno mainstays Harthouse way back in 1993. "Into the Nature" uses a lush, two-note synth line riding above the fast-paced acid below, and along with some well-placed flute-like bits, the track manages to effortlessly create an ecstatic floating feel uncommon to much acid. "Am-Trip" is a bit darker in sound, but essentially utilizes the same palette as "Into the Nature," with the inclusion of an astoundingly gorgeous, expansive synth break around five minutes into the track. Both are always included on my iPod (ahem), and I lust after all the Hardfloor records in the collection of WOBC.

So, get your acid hats on and enjoy these two classics from Hardfloor.

Hardfloor- Am-Trip AND Into the Nature

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