horizon with undimmed imagination

So, I might have been exaggerating last post when I wrote to look forward to something leftfield. I meant more...classic, and not really in line with what I usually post.

Nonetheless, Tangerine Dream have always been my favorite of the krautrock groups, and the live track below makes it pretty clear as to why: their sequencing is impeccable, the synths are wide-ranging in sound and motion, and the drum programming and sampling is just...well, sick. Listen to "Horizon" and you'll understand why Tangerine Dream should be listed as a primary influence on much of what is going down currently in techno-- so many of the sounds and timbres are similar, it's almost a bit eerie. From the Polish version of the Poland album, recorded live in Warsaw in 1983.

Also, if you ever get a chance to see Tacita Dean's "The Green Ray," a shot from which the above image is taken, you should jump at it. It is a gorgeous film.

Tangerine Dream- Horizon

If you've been reading for a bit, you'll remember that I once promised to up some classic Hardfloor tracks, and never did. Well, next time, look forward to two great bits from Hardfloor!

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