Don't really understand why these apparently wasted youths from Luxembourg showed up when I GIS'ed the word 'ahck,' but alas, the picture is bizarre enough to merit inclusion.

So, unless you're completely unfamiliar with Minilogue, you'll know that today's post deals with a remix of their 2006 track, "Ahck." The remix, by Karl Axel Bissler, turns the original on its head a bit, eschewing Minilogue's hi-bpm, somewhat dry beats for a more dubby, padded, smoothed-out sound. The bass-line is a writhing hook-worm, and the synth samples from the original are washed-out, riding the hi-frequencies above the constant soft synths below. Many of the more irritating sounds of the original are avoided, and if they're included at all, they're toned down so as to fit with the more laid-back atmospherics of KAB's remix. Definitely a fantastic take, with a bigger pleasure factor as well as a much higher chill-out factor than the original. Taken from the Ahck Remixes 12" on the WIR, which also features a super-stoned remix from favorites Jichael Mackson.

Minilogue- Ahck (KAB Remix)

Next up, a new track from Gavin Herlihy that I've been digging quite a bit as of recent.

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