mixin with winter

Despite the fact that I buy and download lots of mp3s, my first love shall always be vinyl, for reasons that should be evident. I also prefer DJing with vinyl, and though I've only had a working set of decks and a proper mixer for a bit less than a year or so, I think my skills are coming along nicely. So here's a mix for you-- any comments, suggestions, criticisms, praises....just leave me a note!

Winter Light Mix by deep movements

1. Julien Jabre- Swimming Places (Sabaudia Gabin Remix)
2. Underground Resistance- Timeline
3. Kerri Chandler- So Let the Wind Come (Tomo Edit)
4. Heiko Laux- Sun City
5. One Smith-Hall- Theme
6. Round One- I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix)
7. Ame- Shiro
8. Vince Watson- Renaissance
9. Gez Varley- Bayou Paradis
10. Nomadico- Planeta
11. Daze Maxim- Mathematical Breakfast Remix
12. MLZ- Dark Days

It runs about an hour-- I think the only bits that are somewhat naff come in the transitions between tracks seven, eight, and nine. Otherwise, I'm rather proud of it. Enjoy! (And by the way, if you are tight for space on your hard drive, you can always listen to my radio show tonight on WOBC, from 7-9 pm EST. I'll be playing the mix along with other tracks I've been digging during this blustery month).

Next post, look forward to something a bit leftfield.


matt said...

Looking forward to this one.

antonio said...

superb mix!

still, i can't quite understand the reason why you posted that eric prydz track, except for the male dancer on the pic :P

trees said...

antonio, i posted it because once in a while, some dumbo progressive house is a true pleasure to listen to. it's like crack for the ears.

leo said...

round one! that's my jam.

][ said...

thanks for the sweet mix,
loads of stuff ive never heard before.
perfect prydz response, crack for the ears!! that 'call on me' track was so ubiquitous throughout europe for one whole summer that there is alot of pent-u[ aggression still out there towards prydz.
i take my hat off to his production though

Steve said...

Finally getting around to hearing this. Comment live-blogging!

Kind of surprised you went with the Sabaudia Gabin remix; a bit cheesy for me, even if it does get points for being otherwise underplayed.

Any idea what the pops were in the first and second tracks?

Really liking the UR and Kerri Chandler tracks. Heiko Laux is so underrated! I'm a huge, huge fan of all the Main Street Records tracks and that mix is particularly great. Mixing it into "Shiro" was bold and it definitely paid off (I also love hearing my favorite records back to back). I just bought "Renaissance," so it's nice to hear it here.

Dubby stuff is a nice contrast and you do a good job mixing it. Keep up the good work!

trees said...

hey steve, i definitely had my reservations about the Gabin mix, but... it's just so damn sunny and pretty. tho i think that i'd probably omit that track and the vince watson if i had to do it over... the watson is gorgeous, but doesn't fit with its adjacent tracks as well as i'd like it to. for a bit i was using this crazy jeff mills track in place of the watson-- might do that in the future if i play this set out.

trees said...

oh and thanks for listening, everyone!

(btw-- weird pops in the second track are actually the result of a bad UR pressing. not the needle, and there isn't a scratch on the thing, that i can see-- it's like a little chink in the actual record. always been like that, since i bought it)