get your mind thirsty

The other day, after a night that I would care to forget-- well, did forget-- I came into a large amount of records. Not only did my friend the lfam send me a load of amazing records, but my friend Tom came over with his entire record collection as a gift, as he is moving soon. Tom was quite into hard techno and UK acid stuff in the early part of this decade, and while I was listening to the records to see what was what, I got inspired to make a mix.

It turned out to be the best mix I've ever made. Granted, my ears are goop after so much bass for two days straight. One tiny section transition section aside, I think it is quite an engaging mix. No editing has been done, but for some reason, the recording program I was using skipped a millisecond of information on one transition, and needless to say, it's the same track as the other transition, just at the opposite end. I guess the Teutonic Chilean dancefloor-slayer brings me bad luck?

Anyway, here it is. Please enjoy and get totally fucking hype to this amazing stuff.

Get Your Mind Thirsty Mix by deep movements

1. Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera- Mental Suffering
2. The Roots- Thirsty!
3. Renato Cohen- Pontape (Trevor Rockliffe Mentor Remix)
4. Pounding Grooves- Untitled (24-A)
5. UR Presents Aquanauts- Spawn
6. Raw As Fuck- Theme from Raw
7. Valkan- Doornrossje
8. Ricardo Villalobos- Lugom-Ix
9. Marco Bailey- Jesters
10. Adam Beyer- Remainings III (D)
11. La Factoria Posse- Smart!
12. Sedona- Pulsation (Ascending)

Just a note: not all of this is hard techno, per se. Raw As Fuck is more electro-funk breaks, and The Roots are a popular hip-hop group who are known to everyone, and who happened to release a killer lo-fi techno track at the end of one record. In fact, most of it is just hi-bpm UK or German acid or minimal. So, the 'hard techno' label is a misnomer, but I think it fits the mix.

Next up: a really sweet Sounds of Life remix!

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