let's exchange the experience

Today, a departure from the beats for a bit of ambience. In the summer of 2006, four friends of mine jammed for days straight in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Oberlin, Ohio. Among the many recordings that sprung from these recordings is a lush and haunting take on Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)." The vocals are stretched out to the horizon, cut, and given much reverb and delay for maximum effect; a hum hovers over everything; and it seems as if Miss Kate is indeed singing from the highest hill in the world, or from the bottom of the ocean. It is noisome at moments, and undoubtedly hallucinatory, but inevitably an astounding version of what may be one of the best pop songs ever written. Highly recommended! Featuring Eric Sarai (whose beautiful graphic design graces many records and posters), Owen Cannon (organ-player extraordinaire and general wunderkind), Mario Diaz de Leon (whose gorgeous megatone works have been featured on deep movements before), and Tom Arsenault (whose musical genius and friendship is a treasure I'm glad to know).

Eric:Mario:Owen:Tom- Hilltop

Tomorrow, a hard techno mix featuring artists ranging from Marco Bailey to Ricardo Villalobos, the Aquanauts to Pounding Grooves. Stop by to hear some heavy beats that are sure to get you ready to slam.

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