Gavin Herlihy is perhaps one of the better-known names in techno, with a plush job as features editor at Mixmag and a short if spotless list of productions under his belt. His "Machine Ate My Homework" was a floor-filler of 2006, and his 2007 remix of UNKLE's "Burn My Shadow" was among the best remixes of that copiously-remixed, Ian Astbury-fronted track. Among his most recent efforts is the fantastic tech-house EP, Opium Haze, put out by Get Physical off-shoot Kindisch. The title track is banging number with excellent secondary percussive elements, a plethora of interesting bubbly sound punctuations, and a bass-line that wiggles its way from three notes to four notes almost effortlessly. The flute samples are overwhelmingly high in the mix, and while in many tracks this would detract from the overall sound, Herlihy manages to make this bit of jazziness work to the max, creating excellent drama that is only furthered by orchestra hits and breathy female vocal snippets that certainly bring to mind the hazy, violet-scented plushness of an opium den.

Gavin Herlihy- Opium Haze

To end the day's post, it is worth mentioning that I am looking for work, so if you have any ideas (or you're an editor!), send me an e-mail or post a comment. Finally, as I'm a bit strapped right now, I decided to give in and start putting Google ads on the page. I know, they aren't very pretty, but those are the breaks, at least until I get back on my feet a bit more!

Tomorrow, a great remix from Kerri Chandler!


Mathew said...

I got an idea- howabout you sleep on my inflatable bed and DJ my house permananently. The work pays subsidized dinners and hanging out with me, dave, and nick, when we start work at 10AM and are bored out of our skulls doing boring ass graphic design.

trees said...

mat, i'd love to come for at least a weekend, probably sometime in February? i think i just landed a job at a web-design firm, so i'll have to wait to see what the schedule permits...

miss you!