stripped and striped

So sue me: Dennis Ferrer has been one of my favorite artists for the past couple of months, and remixes of his great tracks have been flourishing simultaneously. Thus, while I feel slightly weird about posting another remix of a Ferrer track in less than a month, there's no helping my love for this guy's work. Another guy whose recent output has been consistently stellar is Mikael Nordgren, aka Tiger Stripes, who is the most recent remixer of Ferrer, and the focus of today's post.

"P 2 Da J" (which originally appeared on Ferrer's '06 album, The World As I See It) is a fantastic track with a funky, deep Chicago beat, great synth sounds and vocal loops. However, it is a bit... frenetic? While one of the original's merits is its wildness, the Tiger Stripes remix takes these wild elements and shapes them into a tight, controlled techno track with rhythmic and harmonic complexity that only peaks out in the original. The synth stabs, bell sounds and marimba elements are wonderfully syncopated, the bass throbs the track along, and the percussive elements are mixed perfectly, allowing the harmonies and stabs in the mids to really shine. Finally, the aggressive "UNH" and breathy samples of the originally lend the track a dangerous, sexy feel that is difficult to ignore. On King Street Sounds as well as Defected.

Dennis Ferrer- P 2 Da J (Tiger Stripes Remix)

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