the sound of helium

So, in the interest of keeping appetites for new stuff whetted, I'll be posting the promised balloon track today, and the new techno track tomorrow.

The photo above is of Judy Dunaway, a composer and guitarist who has worked with such luminaries of contemporary music as John Zorn, the FLUX Quartet and Yasunao Tone. She also happens to be the "Mother of Balloon Music," performing and recording many pieces of music using gigantic, amplified (and sometimes processed) balloons. "Bluebird," the track below, is the result of a collaboration with the aforementioned Tone, one of the most prolific and active members of the Fluxus movement. Much of his more recent work has involved cutting patterns into or placing tape onto audio CDs and recording a player's efforts to read the digital material. (His astoundingly noisy yet gorgeous Songs for Wounded CD is a classic, and should be heard by all).

For the collaboration below, Judy recorded a multi-track balloon piece, and Tone strategically placed tape on a CD recording of the piece. The result is a fluttering, sputtering, and strangely beautiful piece of electronic experimentation. Dunaway has also been known to do jazz standards on the balloon, and her work will most certainly delight any sonic explorer's ears.

Judy Dunaway w/ Yasunao Tone- Bluebird

Tomorrow, get ready for a Tiger Stripes remix of Dennis Ferrer!

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