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Every few months, I find myself returning to the music of Arthur Russell, one of my personal and musical heroes. Whether it be the hyper-sexual disco of "Is It All Over My Face?," the elegiac simplicity of "Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let's See," or the no-wave synth insanity of "Springfield," Russell's music is altogether affecting, gorgeous and brilliant. That such a talent was lost too soon to the scourge of AIDS perhaps gives some credence to the old aphorism that only the good die young.

Today, I'm posting a DFA remix of "Springfield." Those familiar with the original will notice that Murphy, Sweeney & Co. eschew the original's beginnings, opting instead to pump up the low kicks while looping the ethereal vocal/saxophone harmonies that are the mark of the track's endings. The soft synths of the original only come in as if incidental, lending the remix a more personal and less bombastic quality. Additionally, the bass-line and Russell's lead vocal lines are brought out of the lovely murk of the original-- this latter change is the best decision the DFA could have made, as it high-lights Russell's unique and emotionally-resonant voice. Cello scribblings and seemingly unsynthesized piano parts are also brought out, allowing the listener a peek into the original's hidden workings. Certainly my favorite DFA remix, "Springfield" will run through your head constantly after a listen or two. From the post-humous 2006 album, Springfield, on Audika Records. Finally, also worth mentioning is a new documentary that a friend of mine has been assisting on about Russell's life-- information can be found here.

Arthur Russell- Springfield (DFA Remix)

Next time, a return to techno!


rmd said...

word. arthur russell is also one of my all time faves, and one of the few people i'd consider a "musical hero". i didn't know there was a movie coming out, that's really exciting! do you know if tim lawrence's book is ever going to come out?

oh and btw, i got the impression while talking to mr. murphey that he had nothing to do with the springfield mix, he said it was "all tim" (not sure if he meant goldsworthy or sweeney).

ps: i like your blag
pps: sorry for being a namedropping douchebag in that last note

Erik Karff said...

Russel is a really intersting character indeed!!! He was so tied together with the NYC arts scene and his music is great.

I just interviewed documentarian Matt Wolf whose film about Arthur Russell is premiering in the Berlin International Film Fest. If you have a moment check it out

La Chips said...

is there any way you coul re post the track please please please??

DC said...

Apparently Lawrence's book is coming out early next year. I think it's finished.