Today's post, as promised, is dOP's new track featuring Noze, "Dopamen." It goes out to my boy in Berlin, Michael, who once did a radio show with the same title as this post...Gude laune, ja?

"Dopamen" is a crazy earworm of a tech-house tune, filled with swelling synths, a hi-frequency synth note keeping the track hi-NRG enough throughout, handclaps, as well as the usual panoply of secondary percussive elements. What is especially nice about "Dopamen," though, are the vocals and vocal samples. Noze lend the track a sexy, seamless movement that helps bring it above typical tech-house, making it a surefire hit with the amyl-and-white crowd along with the more 'serious' techno heads. On Noze's label, Circus Company, the rest of the EP from which "Dopamen" is taken is also quite something to listen to, and a definite pick for one of the best records of the last part of 2007.

Check out the comments section for some clarification on the particulars of the track from dOP themselves!

dOP featuring Noze- Dopamen

Next time? An experimental piece using balloons, as well as a new techno tune.


Anonymous said...

ye !!!!very nice review !!!!
but to tell the truth, nico from noze is playing the quica (brazilian percussion) ant the deep synth parts on the noze ms-20.
The vocals are from the singer of dOP, there's no sample.We play every parts.
We share our studios with noze since one year.
There's two another collaborations on milnormodern,and more to come !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

very nice place !!!
come to see us play next time in berlin,i hope it's very soon.
with love from paris.


][ said...

exciting new work, keepin my ears peeled for more. noze make fantastic of the wall twisted dance music and production is so so good. thanks for heads up

trees said...

merci tellement de vos commentaires et bénédictions!

i'd very much love to see a performance in Berlin or Paris, hopefully sometime during the summer of '08?

keep up the great work!