a return to form

Sorry for the long absence. Thanksgiving is always a mess of seeing friends, crazy cooking, and getting superbly intoxicated. Hope yours was good, too!

Today, we have a newish track remix of a track by Kenny Hawkes and David Parr, two of Brighton's-- nay, England's-- finest DJs and producers. Hawkes & Parr team up for a release on Serge Santiago's label, delivering a deep and infectious house track.

What is even more exciting about the EP, though, is the fact that Santiago's remix on the B-side is a monstrous take on the original-- it is almost unrecognizable as a remix, which is quite a difficult trick for a producer to pull at times. Utilizing the choicest synth lines and some of the same percussive elements, Santiago throws in a wonderfully-panned two-note synth stab that mesmerizes the listener and truly begs to be played on a good club system. In some senses, Santiago's take on "The Boobytrap" would be right at home next to some of Carl Craig's more engaging recent work, and this is very good thing. Santiago is a jet-setter, but the hype surrounding him is well-deserved, if his recent output is any indication.

Kenny Hawkes & David Parr- The Boobytrap (Serge Santiago Remix)

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][ said...

great track cheers. really like serge santiagos production his remix of dada life's 'the great fashionist swindle' is really great too. would like to see him play sometime.