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Today's post deals with one of the more unheralded minimal producers of our time, J. Hunsberger. My friend Harry over at eeshirtay first turned me onto Hunsberger during a Xanax-fueled afternoon at Cleveland's Bent Crayon Records last fall. The All Around Us 12" on Mule that Harry purchased that day quickly became one of my favorite records because its sound is simply...well, unlike most minimal techno out there. Rhythmic complexity, nimble beats and excellent synths mix with a dubby aesthetic and voice-propelled samples to create a sonic landscape that is among the more unique in the oversaturated minimal scene. Today, I'm sharing a track from the 2005 Movement 12" on Mutek called "Move On." With ethereal vocal samples and menacingly sentimental full-blown lyrics, the 130 BPM track sometimes reminds one of Villalobos, but that's as far as comparisons go here-- Hunsberger is an esoteric producer with much talent, and should be much more known than he is. So check out "Move On," and check out All Around Us, too-- you won't be disappointed.

J. Hunsberger- Move On

Later this week, be prepared for my year-end list with all sorts of tracks for your listening pleasure.