So, a little history: I got decks and a mixer just recently. I've put together a few mixes, but on many of them, I "cheated." That is, they weren't proper-- there was a lot of cutting out, inserting random sounds to make things appear seamless, etc. Sure, some parts of them were pretty dope, but other parts were lacking. A week or so ago I started working on a proper, beatmatched minimal mix with my (admittedly) limited selection of records. Some things need a bit more tweaking, but at this juncture, I think I'd like some feedback and tips on it. So leave some comments or e-mail me letting me know what you're thinking.

Summer Hiss (Mixed by trees)
1. Tupperwear- Gas USA
2. Gez Varley- Violator
3. Donnacha Costello- Grape (A)
4. Luciano & Pier Bucci- Amael
5. Sabu Martinez- Disko 3000 (Sabu Sabu Rugged Mix)
6. Agnes- Fresh Blood in Clubs
7. Dominik Eulberg- Der Buchdrucker

Not two, not three, but FOUR tracks coming by Wednesday.

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ted i am listening now, i think its great, check out myrelaxingmix up now, bald is in!