i can see our little steps...

Woo, sorry it's been a while since the last post, but even this one shall be brief. You see, I've been working on some articles for Big Shot Magazine, and have also been looking for a "real" job. That finally came today, so the stress is off on that front. Problem is that I've had little time to work on that mix I promised in the last post-- should be tweaked and ready by Saturday or Sunday, so check back then for a great all-vinyl minimal mix and a tune or two!

If you're hungry for a good mix right now, though, you should go to Resident Advisor and download the Efdemin podcast. It is almost two hours long and has a wonderfully effortless quality about it. It also showcases recent developments that are linking new deep house and new minimal tracks. Very diverse!

Finally, here is a gem of the past. It is certainly one of my favorite songs of the moment. Not much else needs to be said about it, so just click, listen, and enjoy.

Arthur Russell- Springfield

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